Rodent Control treatment in Noida

Exclusion is at the heart of any rodent control program, followed by trapping those who have already penetrated the structure. Our premier program also eradicates the feasting insects associated with rodents and sanitizes surfaces affected by rodent urination and defecation. Rodent are one of the most annoying insects. They distribute disease, such as plague, typhus, rabies, hantavirus and food poisoning.They pollute meals and living areas with their droppings, urine, feces and hair. They can often cause significant damage to structures stored goods and cables and electronic wires because they can gnaw through wood, plaster, plastic and soft metals.

The most common rodent pests are the Norway rat, and house mouse. House mouse:- they are basically brown and grayish in color with the tail as long as the body. They normally stay in parks and fields, sometimes migrating into structures. In the house they stay behind storage boxes and furniture. They can survive in almost any environment as the need very little amount of meals, wetness and space. Norway rat:- they are generally occurring in sewers. These rats are powerful burrowers and also climb well, excellent swimmers and swim under water up to half a minute and can enter into homes by bathroom pipes.

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